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The name of the city of Palermo derives from the greek PANORMOS which means "All port".


Founded just as city-port by the Phoenicians around 734 BC, has a long history that has given it a remarkable artistic and architectural heritage that ranges from the ruins of the Punic walls to reach Art Nouveau villas, passing by residences in Arab-Norman style , baroque churches and neoclassical theaters. For cultural, artistic and economic reasons it was among the largest cities in the Mediterranean and today it is one of the main tourist destinations in southern Italy.

Few days are not enough to visit Palermo, but we would like to suggest some itineraries which include the main monuments and landmarks of the city.


Below we suggest some itineraries  to explore the city most important attractions.

Cucina e dintorni

I piatti tipici, i dolci più invitanti: il dove e come della cucina siciliana...

Tariffe e Prenotazioni

Prenota la tua vacanza in Sicilia, con pochi semplici clic...


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