Sicilian cuisine


The traditional cuisine of Palermo is characterized by the use of poor food typical of a popular culinary tradition. The ingredients used to make the dishes are mainly locally produced vegetables, fish, especially blue-fish - the beautiful sea that surrounds the island offers plenty - and meat into its parts less valuable as the innards, head, neck, tail or paws.


The culinary imagination of Palermo, however, has been able to skillfully mix the most humble ingredients creating dishes rich in taste and originality, the result of the fusion of the different civilizations that have lived in Sicily and who left in the kitchen a tangible sign of their passage. Among these, the Falsomagro or brociolone, big roll of meat stuffed with bread crumbs, raisins, pine nuts, eggs, cheese and spices cooked in tomato sauce, the Arrosto panato, meat roasted with breadcrumbs and the famous Pasta al forno, a pie made with a particular type of pasta (the  anelletti) seasoned with sauce and stuffed with eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, cheese and cold cuts and made browning in the oven. Do not forget the numerous dishes based on fish, such as the now universally known “pasta con le sarde”, seasoned with  sardines and wild fennel, pasta c'anciova e muddica atturrata, prepared with salted anchovies and toasted breadcrumbs (the "muddica atturrata"), the Sardinian warbler, rolls of sardines stuffed with bread crumbs, pine nuts and sultanas or those of swordfish,  with the same filling but also flavored with orange. At last, the famous Sicilian Caponata, a preparation made from eggplant, green olives, celery, capers, onion in tomato sauce and wine vinegar.                  

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