The modern heart of Palermo

The most modern part of the city, built outside of its ancient walls, starts at the end of Via Maqueda where is  Verdi Square. There you can see on the left the “Teatro Massimo”, one of the most beautiful theaters in Europe, reopened in 1997 after a closure lasting more than twenty years.


From Piazza Verdi, walk past the intersection with Via Cavour and take Via Ruggero Settimo, the street of shopping and walking for the citizens of Palermo. In this great artery there are several clothing stores, jewelers, homeware and leisure.

Let’s  walk through it overtaking the intersection with Via Mariano Stabile, forming a rectangle with Via Ruggero Settimo (Piazza Regalmici) said “Quattro Canti di Campagna” (Country Four Corners) as opposed to the “Quattro Canti di Città ” (City Four Corners) and let us explore Via Principe di Belmonte, an elegant promenade where Palermitans love to sit at the tables of the many outdoor bar for a drink or enjoy an ice cream at Bar Spinnato.


Return to Ruggero Settimo Street and reach the main square, also called Piazza Politeama from the name of the theater that stands to his right. The second theater of nineteenth-century in size and importance, it hosts the Gallery of Modern Art.


After the intersection with Via Dante, we reach Liberty Street, a wide tree-lined street to three lanes, the favorite of Palermitans for shopping, where you will find boutiques of major fashion brands. Along its streets you can admire numerous residences in Art Nouveau style, built in the early twentieth century during the flowering of Palermo “Belle epoque”.


Continuing along Liberty Street you will reach one of the most beautiful parks, the English Garden, with grassy knolls alternating with water basins in the English style that spread in the twentieth century. Across the street you can easily reach an old eighteenth-century villa, Villa Trabia, with a large park with a great variety of plants, including ficus magnolides, oleanders, palms and oaks.


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