Sweet Traditions

Rich and luscious is the production of sweets, originated with the Arabs (they were the ones to introduce fresh ricotta, sugar, cinnamon, pistachios, candied fruit, nuts and cloves) and continued in the monasteries that prepared them for the nobility and the clergy: Cannoli consisting of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta, cassata (from the arab Kas'at), typical easter dessert made of sponge cake filled with sweet ricotta, covered with a sugar glaze and decorated with colorful candied fruit, the martorana, colored fruit shaped marzipan sweets, which takes its name from the monastery where it was produced in ancient times, the Pupe di zucchero, sugar dolls traditionally prepared for the Festa dei morti (the death day on November 1th), the Biscotti di San Martino (cookies cooked several times, flavored with jasmine, cinnamon and pumpkin), the buccellati (Christmas desserts of pastry filled with dried figs and dried fruit aromas and richly decorated), the cubaita (bars caramelized sesame seeds) and, finally, the now universally known and cannoli the sfincie of St. Joseph (fried puffs topped with cream cheese). And don’t forget our delicious ice creams, whose recipe was introduced in sicily by arabs. The most famous pastry shops in Palermo are Pasticceria Oscar renowned for its pastry, cannoli, cassata and Buccellati, and Pasticceria Cappello very famous for the chocolate pie called Setteveli, among the most famous ice cream shops: Da Ciccio, near the central station, Ilardo the Foro Italico and Recupero in Via Malaspina. But if you want to taste the real traditional ice cream, made with all natural ingredients we recommend the ice cream shop  Al Gelatone  in Via Autonomia Siciliana.

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