Street food

A separate chapter deserves the "street food" widespread and varied thanks to the mild climate that favors the outdoors. At the stalls located at every corner of popular districts, iIn open-air markets or in popular festivals, you can taste some typical dishes made from the scrap parts of animals: The Stigghiuola, guts of lamb, washed with water and salt, seasoned with parsley and onion, skewered on a skewer or rolled around a leek and cook directly on the grill by the stigghiolaro, season with salt and lemon; Calcagni, language and mouth boiled and seasoned with salt and lemon; Quarume, the entrails in boiling broth; pane 'ca meusa, bread seasoned with lung and spleen boiled and fried with lard and laurel, seasoned with ricotta cheese or lemon (Taste them to the Cala or at Antica Focacceria San Francesco ). Even more typical Pane e  panelle (fried chickpea flour), cazzilli (potato croquettes ) and Verdure fritte in pastella, all the vegetables (chard, cauliflower, artichokes) fried in batter.


Of typical oriental taste, the care with which stallhoders exposed fruits and vegetables in the markets of Palermo (Vucciria, Ballarò, Capo), the summer stalls of cold watermelon and the sellers of pumpkin seeds salted, roasted chickpeas (Calia), baked carob. Do not forget the l Palermo deli, an example of all the delicious arancine, great balls of saffron rice with various fillings, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried in hot oil.

on  December 13, in Palermo it is tradition to eat arancine, for the feast of Saint Lucia, but you can find it all year round. They come in many flavors but the traditional arancina is filled with meat stuffed with sauce, or with butter, stuffed with mozzarella and ham. You can taste them at Bar Alba, or the big arancina "bomb" in bar Turing (Via Lincoln).

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